Oulu gets 1st place

Terve. Olen Sisar Wilson ja edustan Myöhempien Aikojen Pyhien Jeesuksen Kristuksen Kirkkoa. Jeesus Kristus on Vapahtajamme ja Lunastajamme. Hän on karsinyt meidän puolestamme jotta saisimme iankaikkisen elämän tämän elämän jälkeen. Sanko kysysä, uskotteko te Kristuskseen?

Consider yourself contacted by a missionary in Finland. hehe.

It is so easy to get into routines as a missionary. We often start talking to people in the same way, tracting every day, and doing many things without even thinking about what we are doing. From experience I know that routines in missionary work are really quite dangerous to the work. When we take time to think about what we are saying to a human person and when we take time to teach people and not lessons and when we take time to plan something meaningful instead of just going tracting, MIRACLES HAPPEN. Roteness is not just dangerous in missionary work, but also in our daily lives. Has praying become something rote? Taking the sacrament? Spending time with family? Even going to the temple? I have learned on my mission that it is SO important to really think about and make each thing I do, to help fulfill my purpose as a missionary and also as a human here on earth.

I am so very much enjoying my time here in Oulu. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. We went to Helsinki last week for a few days and when we came back Oulu woke up into spring time!! OUlu is easily the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I frequently sing the second verse of "How Great Thou Art" whenever we leave the apartment.

Because the weather is nice, there are five thousand bikers out on the roads now and lots of people walking their dogs and cats. Yes cats on leashes is a thing here. It catches me off guard every single time.

thank you all for your greatness 🙂

Sisar Wilson

From the train station in Pasila

Sunday morning contacting before church


We bought water colors last P-day and now we make paintings for members

Popcorn popping on the apricot tree

​Sister Barrus has a future in children book writing, also true story


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