We had quite an interesting week. We only had about one day of work in our area in between preparation day, exchanges, and Juhannus. All were quite amazing days!!

Our one day in our area:

Heavenly Father really blessed us so much on this day. We worked SO HARD and recognized God’s hand in our life SO MUCH. Although we gained no new investigators, or even taught a lesson, we did all the small things that will really start to build up after time. I have really began to notice just how much the little things in missionary work matter. Without all these little things- like giving out pass along cards, asking for appointments, calling potential investigators, asking everyone for referrals, all the things Preach My Gospel tells us to do, there is NO WAY that there could ever be successful work done for the people who get baptized and then remain converted throughout their lives. The Lord works by small and simple means to bring to pass great miracles. It really is so true. So remember every time you open up your scriptures, kneel to pray or attend church, you are laying down foundations for miracles!


We went down south to Kuopio this week for exchanges! It is about a 5 hour train ride away so we have to stay there for 2 nights. But it was AMAZING!! First off, Kuopio is so gorgeous and quaint. And second off, I love our sisters who serve there! Sister Phipps and I had so much fun talking to LITERALLY everyone ( really literally everyone- we made some bikers almost crash and knocked on car windows and they all go to hear the message of the gospel! (which also by the way was on my missionary bucket list)) And then Sister Peterson and I were companions in the MTC so of course it was so great. We had A LOT of catching up to do!


A two day holiday here in Finland for the summer solstice. We aren’t allowed as misionaries to go outside and work on these days but it is quite drunk outside and perhaps a bit crazy. So we stayed inside and did some mega area book work and cleaned our apartment super clean. Maybe some of you don’t realize this but I haven’t seen darkness outside for probably more than 2 months. I am not really even sure if the sun actually sets now. We have really strong really good blackout curtains so that we are able to sleep at night.

Well- I love you each!! I gotta go wash the car in the pouring rain now :)) hahaha it is really quite a sight to see two sisters in dresses wash a car in the rainy weather.


Sisar Wilson


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