What a beautiful day it is in Finland on good ole’ America’s birthday. I must say the first outfits my companion and I put on this morning were quite the patriotic get-up, but we decided to key ourselves a bit down. But don’t you worry, we are still being very proud Americans while we are still here in Finland.

Well, this week has been a week chalk full of miracles. We started teaching two new people this week and they are sooo great. I don’t think I have ever taught such prepared people before on my mission. They are so ready to hear the gospel and they are so ready change. And one even has a family and the spouse will hopefully soon become interested as well.

I have been reflecting on my mission a lot lately, and I feel so privileged to be able to be in the service of the Lord. There really is nothing like it. I have never been so very happy in my whole life!! And one thing I have learned lately is that my mission will not be the spiritual high of my life, as children of God we are so blessed with the opportunity to always keep moving forward and keep progressing. That is something that I have really been thankful for lately.

This past Saturday was our mission president transition, I haven’t met our new President yet, but I am so excited to learn from he and his wife!

I love you each!!

We got to go to the temple last week, while we were in Helsinki for a meeting!!

We see views like these multiple times a day :-))

When you are contacting and you run into multiple lakes.. WE LOVE FINLAND!

In front of the temple with my cutest companion Sister Barrus


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