Being a missionary is a joy!!


After this week I can confidently say that I am a master at washing windows. Ladies and gentleman…… this week Sister Barrus and I have washed 56 windows. And 56 washed windows later, our arms are quite sore, but are also looking quite toned. We love washing windows!! It seems like most Finns wash their windows like once a year and they all choose to do it within one week of the year and they always call the missionaries to come help. It is so nice to be able to do some service for the members!! It has also been the perfect window washing temperature!! 68 degrees! Not too shabby for living just 100 miles from the Artic Circle!

Well, we met our new mission president and wife this week! They are so amazing!! They are Finns and so we can speak to them in either Finnish or English, whichever is more comfortable for us. But the mission President’s wife will always teach us in Finnish at Zone Conferences and things like that. It is so fun! I am really thankful to have them already. :))

One thing I have really been thinking about this week is focus points. We all have had many different focus points in our lives. Whatever we think about and spend our most time becomes a focus point. As we focus on things we notice those things more in our lives. Just as if you are looking to buy a new car, you start noticing that almost everyone driving on the freeway that week has the exact car you want to buy! Or when you learn a new word in Finnish and then you hear it alll over the place! (okay maybe that example applies just to me hehe) But the concept is the same, when we direct our attention on things, maybe even without realizing it, we recognize that thing in our lives so much more. If we are focused on the negative things, we will recognize all the negative in the world. If we focus ourselves on joy and positivity, we will see the good in the world! I know that when we actively focus ourselves on Christ, that all good things will come our way. I challenge you each to do that this week!

This week we were teaching one of our investigators the plan of salvation and he asked, how will the gospel help me and my spouse? We got to testify to him that through this plan and this gospel, families can be together FOREVER. And oh you should have seen his face! He BEAMED with light and joy. And he told us that this was an answer to his prayers. It was very tender and a gentle reminder to me of how important this work really is.

I hope you each had a GREAT WEEK!! Tomorrow we are headed to Vaasa, I am sure it is beautiful so stay tuned to get some great pictures next week.


Sisar Wilson

cherries and snap peas make any summer a real summer

This is flag cake, happy fourth!

​Sometimes you are getting ready for bed and you become a pirate arg

companionship in a picture


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