So many great things have happened this week! First up exchanges in Vaasa. I love the sisters serving in Vaasa so so much. The trip from Oulu to Vaasa is totally worth it for those sisters. (5 1/2 hours) And Vaasa is just amazingly beautiful. Well I mean wverywhere in Finland is. I just can’t get enough!! It is hard to believe that I have been in this beautiful country for an entire year!! And that I got to the MTC 14 months ago. Time really really flies when you enjoy every second of being in the service of the Lord. I am incredibly thankful for my mission and for the people I have served and met here. I will love these memories forever and ever!!

Yesterday was just the best thing in the world. We helped a former investgator, an 80 year old Finnish man, in his strawberry garden. We weeded and made the garden look really nice. He told us that while we were weeding that it was nesecary (sorry can never spell that word right) that we put the ripe strawberies "suoraan suuhun" STRAIGHT TO THE MOUTH! Hahaha I wasn’t mad about that at all!! I ate lots of strawberries yesterday and also probably lots of dirt and maybe a few bugs and it was the best!! I have really missed working out in the garden since being on my mission, so it was a nice activity for me yesterday. As I was weeding I was thinking a lot about how my mission has been a big weeding party for my self haha! I have been weeding out the natural man! Sometimes it is hard work to change and become better but it is so worth it and it bring forth so many blessings (and the very best strawberries).

Thank you to all who so lovingly support me! I pray for you all everyday!!


Sisar Wilson

On the bus from Seinäjoki to Vaasa, I drool a little bit everytime I look at this. WOWZERS

Traditional mirror picture from exchanges

I love Sister Harris!!! And also thankful for the mailbox we found to help us take this picture

Sometimes you spend way too much time making a birthday card for a 4 year old but it turns out nice

​straight is the path and narrow is the way


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