MY dearest family and friends,




So on July 19th a year ago my beloved companion, Sisar Barrus, and I had just gotten to Finland and we didn’t understand a lick of Finnish. SO MUCH HAS CHANGED! We understand Finnish now haha!! But something really special happened this Wednesday. We were just getting out of our car to go visit a member, and I was grabbing some Books of Mormons from out of the back seat, and when I stood up from out of the car I saw a man walking really fast towards me (he was exercising) so I just stopped him and started talking to him and he ended up taking a book and we set up an appointment with him for Saturday. Then he became and investigator and came to church the next day and lOOVED it. Then we had another appointment with him yesterday and towards the end of the lesson he apologized for interrupting and then said,"Haluan antaa kiitoksen teille. Miten te tiesitte puhua mulle?! Olin pohtimassa, olen POHtiNUT Jumalasta ja näistä asioista. Se on todella ihmeellinen. Annan vilpitömät kiitokset teille." (I want to give you thanks. HOw did you know to talk to me?? I was pondering, I HAVE pondered about God and about these things. It is so miraculous. I give sincere thanks to you) And then my heart just about erupted with the amount of pure joy it was experiencing. Heavenly Father knows His children. He REALLLY REAALLY does. And He will do all He can to help them come unto Him and unto His Son, Jesus Christ.

We also experienced the best dinner appointment I have had since coming here. To keep it brief I will say "many hotdogs, much potato salad, church parking lot, and an RV"

Weell, I hope you all have a fantastic week. Oh and my next p-day will be on Monday because of transfers

Sisar Wilson

Things that distract us from proselyting:

District picture!! hahaha we look like giants compared to the elders

Sometimes i feel like I have traveled back in time while tracting

These are in black and white because the lighting was just so terrible

Praying we stay together for another 2 months



One thought on “:-)

  1. Mary Waldroup July 27, 2017 / 8:23 pm

    That is so awesome Anna!! I love your pictures and stories!! Keep up the good work!! 😃💕👍🏻


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