Hei kaikki

well friday we got transfer calls!! I’ll be staying here in Oulu and Sister Holbrook will come from Jyväskylä to be my new companion! And then Sister Barrus will go to Jyväskylä to be companions with Sister Holbrook’s old companion! A little switcharoo haha. Sister Barrus and I are little sad to be leaving eachother BUT I am SO EXCITED!!! I can’t wait to do the work with Sister Holbrook!

I have been so impressed with one of our investigators lately. He loves the gospel SO MUCH. He is so dedicated and knows how important it is to him. So yesterday he had work at 6am. he has to bike 10k to get to work so he has to wake up at 5am to get there on time, then he worked until 10.30am, biked home, hopped in the shower, and then biked to church and got there at 11.15am, only 15 minutes late. He said he biked as fast as he could to get to church on time and was really sad to have missed the administration of the sacrament. Sometimes I think he understands the importance of the gospel better than I did when I left on my mission. He is planning on being baptized on August 12, everyone pray for him!

Well, I love you each. Never forget how important you are to Heavenly Father, even on those rough days.

Sisar Wilson


The Vaasa sisters stay with us when we have Zone conferences, but then we also have to wake up super early to drop them off at the train station

After dropping them off we realized we still had 10 minutes before 6.30 so we naturally took advantage of that time and slept in the car


We had 3 fans and 3 old bike tires on our balcony, they were all broken so we took them away




we slept on the parveke eli the balcony,


​this was taken at about 10.20pm so as you can imagine we slept with pillows over our faces to block the light. Also my arm looks like strange leg hahaha


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