HELLO from Oulu!!

Okay I think I am just the very luckiest sister in Finland, I am always SO BLESSED with the very best companions! Sister Holbrook and I are having so much fun together. She is from Provo Utah and we actually met eachother once before we went on missions! She is in the MTC group one behind me. We are having a ton of fun talking to people and exploring Oulu a bit more. We wanted to go to the center on one of the first nights we had together but we had no idea how to get there… So we started walking in the way we thought it was and we asked a man on the street just in case we were going the wrong way, we were haha! And then he walked us all the way to the center which was like a 20 minute walk! We got to talk about why were here in Finland and about how the gospel of Jesus Christ could help him in his life. He ended up taking a book and said he would read it. I am always so amazed at how genuine the Finnish people are, they really truly want to help others. That whole night was just MAGICAL! There are many times in my mission where I actually forget that I am in Europe, but being in the center with so many people and being by the harbor with an ice cream cone really reminded me that I am not in fact in the USA. That night was great for talking with people. I think that is my very favorite part about missionary work, talking to the people and getting to know them and love them even more. One man told us to tell ALL the people in America his greetings. Also we learned that "the only thing that is not bigger in Texas are the sidewalks". You can really learn a lot from people on the street!

This past week we went to Helsinki for mission leadership training and that is always so much fun! But we do lose a LOT of sleep. We go on a night train so when we are trying to sleep we are moving back and forth a lot and then we have to wake up super early, We were barely functioning in the meeting. But it was so much fun!! We were supposed to go back to Helsinki this week to train the district leaders but last night they changed and made it so every zone meets in the main city and then the just zone leaders and sister training leader train the district leaders. So on Thursday wish us luck!! It will be a 5 hour meeting with 5 elders and sister holbrook and I, scary!! But it will super great.

We have a busy week coming up with the baptism and everything. We are SOOO excited and the brother who is going to be baptized has such a strong testimony, it just flows out of him. Last night we visited an 82 year old member. I asked her what kind of advice she would give to us younguns. And she said she had nothing else to say except to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. That when we truly live the gospel, that we will be happy, and that life will be enjoyable. I add my testimony to hers that this gospel is the ONLY way. For us to be happy, for us to live with our families forever. For us to know our purpose here. And for us to be able to return to live with God again. I love the gospel SO much. Jesus Christ really is our Savior and our Brother. He really does love us individually. And "we love Him because He first loved us."

Well I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I love you all!

xoxo Sister Wilson


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