17 October, 2017 08:27

​just on update on my plant I carried across the country– he is doing welll.




Okay this week was INSANE! I would maybe even go as far as saying it was the best week of my life so far. Our mission had the wonderful opportunity to hear from Elder Defeo (of the seventy), Elder Johnson (of the 70), Elder L. Whitney Clayton (president of the 70), and Elder M. Russell Ballard (of the 12). Many things were said, and I know ALL those things were said directly to us from Heavenly Father. I could type about this event for hours, but to my dismay I have only about 12 minutes hehe.


the biggest thing I learned/ was reminded of is that miracles do not cease to exist. They happen in the Bible and the Book of Mormon times and they still happen today in our day. In the Bible Dictionary under Miracles it teaches us the pattern of miracles which is: a prayer, a felt need, and faith. Miracles always come through this divine pattern. Miracles don just "happen". When Jesus Christ was serving in His Earthly Ministry he didn’t just accidentally preform a miracle. He knew what He was doing and He expected the miracle to come. We, too, can EXPECT MIRACLES!! Miracles are wrought by faith (faith without works is dead), I have seen it over and over again in missionary work.

Love you all!


Christmas is COMING

We ate cold lasagna on a train, not one of my proudest moments

Howdy Kaikille

Hello my friends!

I don’t have too much time but here are some highlights of the week:

  • I was asked the most interesting/frightening question I have ever been asked as a missionary— "If I prayed and asked God if I should kill you both (me and sister holbrook) what would He say?" us:"He would tell you DON’T."
  • The other morning a thought came into my head while I was excersing.– What would a beard feel like if it had never ever been shaved? — Sister Holbrook and I talked about it and we decided that it would probably be really soft and super long, like the hair on our head. then we were following up in an apartment building and we knocked on this door and a man with a HUGE beard opened the door. Surely he had never ever shaved it before, it was huge and looked so so soft. so so amazing that that question was answered
  • Had a missionary leader council in Helsinki! We flew there so we lost a TON of sleep. But it was worth it. And we went to the temple!
  • We learned from a 13 year old that many other 13 year olds are smoking and dealing drugs here, SO SAD, I cant believe that!!

Well, I love you all so so much! I know that this is Jesus Christ’s church. My mission has blessed me more than I can ever know. Remember how important you are to Heavenly father. He will never leave you all alone.

Sister Wilson

I didn’t take many pictures this week so I decided to pull something from the good ole MTC. We will all be reunited in a few days at the mission conference we have with Elder Ballard!!

I liked this because it looked like the tree was glowing like the tree of life or something, but really it is just a lamp post


A perk to living in Oulu is the pretty sunrise from the plane pictures


Well, the time has to come to begin my LAST TRANSFER. Sister Holbrook and I will be staying together as Sister Training Leaders in the North for another transfer!! YAY!!! We usually just go to the North’s zone conference but now we are the north and east zones’ sister training leaders. So whenever zone conferences come, we will head down south to Mikkeli. That will be exciting to see another part of Finland!

We are in for a busy transfer!! This week we are going to Helsinki, next week we are going to Helsinki AND Tampere, AND the next week after that we are going to Helsinki. We are about to be very sleep deprived!

I hope everyone had a great CONFERENCE Weekend!! I think that General Conference truly is the best time of the year. We receive so much guidance from our Heavenly Father who really does love us. Before my mission I would at times get bored while watching conference because "they always say the same things". And that statement is true. The gospel of Jesus Christ never changes. It will always be important to do the little things daily. It will always be important to serve and it will always be important to keep all of the Lord’s commandments. I am so thankful for a gospel that never changes. Hearing those messages we hear countless times in general conference are SO important. If they were’t so important they wouldn’t keep repeating themselves! The message never changes, but we should!!

random things from the week
– Our investigator calls the priesthood "the superpower" because she can never remember the name
– While playing football the other day two super drunk women decided that they wanted to play with us. They would throw the ball and it would go like 2 feet hahaha it was hilarious. And one of them kept trying to set Sister Holbrook and I up with her nephew from America 😂Our encounter with them ended with big hugs and slobbery kisses to the cheek. even to the ELDERS HAHA they tried to dodge them but they just weren’t quick enough
-A member found our accounts on Instagram and she says "WHAT sisters have lives!"

Well. that is it for today!!

Sisar Wilson

Best district to ever be. This next transfer we only lose Elder Henry, but other than that it is staying the same!

katso. se joukko

I feel a bit like I am in a fairy tale any time we go ANYWHERE

Straight is the path and narrow is the gate

​This is across from the church building! Where we play amerikalainen jalkapallo

yö on jo päivää pidempi


First off before I forget—- MY NEXT PREPARATION DAY IS A MONDAY…. transfers are coming! I will know on Friday what will be happening and what not.

Well, the nights are officially longer than the days here in Finland and the nights will just keep getting longer! The weather hasn’t been too cold yet, about 8 or 9 degrees C, but it is scarf season for sure, also coats. The leaves are changing now and it is SO PRETTY. It is weird how the leaves change colors here. Some trees change way fast and others are still SUPER green, it makes for some pretty amazing pictures.

We have had a great week here in Oulu! We found a really cool lady on the street who was so nice, she had moved to Finland a year ago and has always missed meeting with the sisters (nuns) and monks like she did back home, so when we introduced ourselves as sisters so was sosooo excited. We later explained that we are in fact not nuns. But she is super nice and invited us over to have a discussion and to eat! She made us the best food!

Our investigators are doing really well! The couple with twins seem to know that this is true but are having a hard time leaving past religions. They are so so great!! Also one of the twins is named after me 😉 Okay I didn’t know them before they were born but I like to think baby Anna has my namesake. THEY ARE SO CUTE and they make it very hard to not be able to hold any children as missionaries.

With General Conference coming up I have been thinking about different questions I would like to present to the Lord. I know that He answers us in such an individual way through the words of prophets and apostles. I really do know, that the Lord really does know US. In a few weeks Elder Ballard will be speaking to the whole mission. So allll the missionaries will be gathered in one place to hear his words. I am so so EXCITED!!

To help someone overcome an addiction, I have volunteered myself to give up chocolate, EVERYONE PRAY!

haha Love you all!

Sisar Wilson

Elevator photos are always quite a must

Every picture you take in Finland could be a postcard

​got a package from my fam with the best sleeping bags for you feet! Thanks FAMILY!!

Tender Mercies

Hello my friends

Well– I didn’t budget my time very well this emailing session,so this will be pretty brief BUT it was a wonderful week nonetheless. This past week I have been writing a tender mercy from the Lord I have seen each day in my journal. AND WOW. This has made my time this week so much more special and so much more influential.

The Holy Ghost- One of our recent converts of about 6 months or so has been taught the missionary lessons a dozen times or so by now so we decided to start teaching him using the Gosple Principles Sunday School book. We teach a lesson one week and then he teaches us the next lesson the next week and näin pois päin. So we were in a lesson with him and it was his turn to teach us about the Holy Ghost. And I dont know, seeing this recent convery teach us about the Holy Ghost really touched me. He spoke about it with such thankfulness and holiness. The Gift of the Holy Ghost really is the BEST gift. I think we often take it for granted.

Ward Council- We were in ward council the other day and I was just sitting there listening to the ward leaders talk about how they could improve their ward missionary work and how they could be more brave in reaching out to their friends about the gospel. I was really able to feel how important this work really is. And it is not just a "missionary work" and it is not just a "member work" but it is God’s work and He needs everyone to work together to get it done. I really felt that the Lord is proud of the branch I am serving in.

Missionaries in Thailand- We were talking with a thai lady who we met a few days ago and she said that she remembers when she was young in thailand and missionaries would always come to her kindergarten class and give them candy. She has remembered that for her whole life and the impression that "Christians really want to help people" has stuck with her. She said that is why she was willing to stand at her door and talk with us for so long. I am really thankful for those missionaries 50 years ago who softened this sweet Thai lady’s heart to accept our message today. No effort is wasted, even when the results aren’t seen for another 50 years!

-Oh yeah we had the Vaasa sisters here for exchanges, A BLAST!
-Went on a "roadtrip" (with permission) a referral needed a BOM but she live a little over an hour away
-District Conference!


Oulu joki

bah bah black sheep

because it is not a roadtrip without these necessities

leaves are changing, so are we ;))

​In our final destination of RAAHE


Hei kaikki

It is quite a beautiful day up here in Oulu. About 12 degrees celecius but it has been pretty cold the past few days and SOO WINDY and RAINY. We have been wearing scarves and raincoats and coats under our rain coats brrr. But nothing beats how different it feels outside after it rains, the air feels so clean!

This week has been super great and full of learning experiences. Missions in general are FULL of learning experiences, well I guess life in general is full of learning experiences, we just have to learn HOW to learn from them.

Shortly one experience that I learned something from–

So last night Sister Holbrook and I were tracting and we just saw a woman in the hall about to take her laundry downto the laundry room. We talked to her and said we have a message of joy and of Jesus Christ. She said she was in a hurry, but that her husband would like to discuss with us, he would be home in 15 minutes. So Sister Holbrook and I waited outside the building for the husband to come so we could talk a little bit more about our message. And he CAME! And then I recognized him… It was a man Sister Barrus and I met last transfer who bashed on our church way hard. I would love to tell you that he cmpletely changed and wanted a Book of Mormon to read for himself but no, no he did not change. He said some pretty nasty things about us and about Joseph Smith. That we are prisoners and children of the devil and that we will go to hell and be burned alive in the lake of fire and brimstone. That we don’t believe in the "right" Jesus and that we should up and leave the Mormon church before it’s too late. The weird thing about this experience is that the only thing it did was stregthen my testimony more, it made it even more sturdy. Even with those powerful, hurtful words ("whirlwinds") I know the things I have been taught, have taught to others, and the things I have felt are true. And no one can take that testimony away unless I let them. I am really thankful for the whirlwinds God gives us, they help us to understand what we are capable of doing and teaches us how strong we really can be when we are built upon the "rock of our Redeemer".

Hel 5:12 And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall.

We cannot fall when our foundation is built upon our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Hope you all have had a great day!!

Sisar Wilson

in the whirlwinds

she’ll be joining the missionary team soon! Alpine-german speaking!

5 September, 2017 07:53


Hahaha okay every week is the best week. but this week was also really great. the amount of laughter and laughter tears that have been shed are off the charts.

The weather has been really nice the past few days but before that it was super rainy and cold. And it is getting DARKER noooo haha in Finland we get a bit spoiled becasue in the summer it is basically light 24/7 so we never have to worry about finding things in the dark, but now the darkness is coming and pretty soon (okay in like 2 months) the sun will be rising at about 11am and setting at 3pm. So we want all the sun we can get for these precious summer months! Being in Finland really helps me appreciate the kind of night and day there is in Utah.

In the past few days we have found the COOLEST people! We are so excited to be able to teach them this week. One of them we met a few weeks ago, but he wasn’t interested then but he has been coming to our Finnish class and sports night and now he wants to learn more about the Book of Mormon. We are super excited about that. And just the other night we met THE CUTEST girl by the lake and we talked for forever just about her life and what she wants to do for life and things like that. And we were able to talk to her about what we do and we showed her the BOok of Mormon and asked if we could meet again and talk about this book and she said it would be super fun and then asked to take a selfie with us hahhaha it was my favorite contact of this week.

Hmmmm oh yeah we made tacos this week! they were superrr yummy. We made cafe rio sauce and everthing, but we dont have blender so I chopped everything up super fine by hand (including jalepenos) and stirred everything together. A little after that I itched my eye and then I realized that the juice from the jalepenos were still on my hand. Aand OH BOY jaleopeno in your eye DOES NOT FEEL GOOD. I thought my eyes were going to shrivel up and fall out of their sockets. Sister Holbrook was a good companion and poured some milk into them and then it felt better. :))

This week I read a lot about "living after the manner of happiness". We may not have the "choice " to be happy in all situations, but we sure do have to choice to do the things that will ultimately lead to happiness. We have the choice everyday to read the scriptures. or to not. And we have the choice to partake of the sacrament weekly, or to not. And we have the choice to pray and ask for help from our Heavenly Father. The things we do every day are the things that determine our happiness, I KNOW that living the gospel of Jesus Christ is living after the manner of happiness.

I really know that this church is Christ’s church and that He leads it throgh our beloved prophet, Thomas S. Monson :)))

Sister Wilson

We had zone conference so the sisters from vaasa got to stay with us!!

we found a raspberry patsch… spot sister bradbury

We found a new contacting sopt this week right by the river, BEAUTFUL

ET phoone homee

​practicing our skills for sports night

lack of sleep and lots of blueberries

Hello my dearest friends!!

Wow what a week!

SO last p-day some members took us out to go BLUEBERRY picking!! Basically if ou just drive far enough into the forest you will find millions, the WHOLE entire forest floor was just covered with them. And it also cost us like 50 mosquito bites. No joke– Sister Holbrook and I weren’t the smartest and didn’t think about bug repellent, now my ankles look pretty diseased. I counted 31 bug bites from my knees down. BUT it was so worth it, and we have eaten sooo many blueberries since. ahahaha mosquito venom and blueberry juice running through our veins.

Lack of sleep– So we flew to Helsinki for a leadership counsel. Our plane left at 6ish so we had to wake up at 4ish. and then the next day we woke up at 4ish again to hop on a plane back to Oulu. It was pretty strange to be in an airport. It felt like a really weird dream (which could be due to the lack of sleep). BUT it was nice to see Finland from the air again, it was SO pretty.

This week our mission president and his wife came to do some work with us on Saturday night, and that is when our Finnish class and sports night is so they participated in that and it was so much fun! We played american football again and President scored a touchdown!!

One thing that I have really learned this week is that it is all about the one. yesterday Sister Holbrook and I followed up with people alll day. No one was answering or they weren’t interested to learn more. It was actually quite disheartening, BUT then we knocked on a door of a former investigator and someone answered!! It wasn’t the person we were looking for, but she was interested and I just knew we did all that work that day Just to find her. And it was worth it!! The work we do as missionaries every day is so completely worth it even if the only person who learns something is ourselves.

well thats about my week!!

love you alll!

beagles love blueberries

dinner on a stick

sometimes we go try and find people to talk to and we find the beach instead

it looks like we were flying through heaven :))


Face masks and other fun things

I can’t believe that preparation day is already here once again. my oh MY time flies by.

well another very interesting/fun/busy week has passed!! Here are some of the highlights for this week:

  • teaching a lesson to someone who does not know english or finnish. He called a friend and we spoke finnish to his friend and then his friend translated to back to him in his native language. Hearing that many languages going around was so confusing to mine and Sister Holbrook’s head that we had to reward ourselves with some icecream (we tend to do that a lot hehe)
  • exchanges in KUOPIO! It takes about 5 hours to get to Kuopio from oulu so we had lots of fun traveling and studying on the way there. The sisters in kuopio are AMAZING and they are doing such good work. Also kuopio is drop dead gorgeous, at one point in the day we had a lesson that we needed to drive to and to get there we drove through hills and lakes and forrests and finally over a bridge to get to an island. I probably said, "This is BEAUTIFUL" like 70x or more.
  • We had an interesting experience on the way home from kuopio. So we got to our train and gave the conductor our tickets and he said that they had been cancelled. :O so we tried to use our cards and NONE of them were working. The conductor was going to throw us off at the next stop!! But then he had an idea. He said you have mormon friends (elders) in kajaani right? (a stop an hour away) You could have them buy you a ticket and then when we get to Kajaani they could hurry and give it to you! WOW what a great idea mr conductor! So we called the kajaani elders and all was well and they came and saved us with valid tickets. I was really touched that the train conductor would even know that there are missionaries in Kajaani. It really testified to me that talking to people on the street talking the church really does make an impact on them. The conductor really must have trusted the "mormons" to let us ride the train for so long without a ticket. We are glad it all worked out though, we thought we would be stranded some random place in Finland.
  • Sister HOlbrook and I had this idea to start a finnish class and a sports night to help us find young single adults to teach. So last week we planned it all out and also invited the elders to join us. We made fliers and hung them in student housing and called many potential investigators and invited them. And.. IT WAS A SUCESS! We weren’t really expected anyone to come but people came and it was so so much fun! We had some one from the netherlands, poland, czech republic, kenya, nepal and america! And then after the calss we all played American football together out on a field by the church and it was SO FUN. It really opened my eyes that there are so many different ways to find people to teach. Although now we are very very sore because we haven’t played sports in a long long time.
  • Yesterday we had quite a long day. District meeting, then straight to a lesson, and then to another lesson. So really not too busy but district meeting is at 3 and we forgot we had to eat dinner… So we went 7 hours without eating anything. But hey we found a new investigator which is way better than dinner anyways.

Yep so Sister HOlbrook and I are EXHAUSTED. BUT it is all for a good cause and we are very thankful for 9:30 optional bedtime and also for power naps during dinner sometimes.

I love you all!

Sisar Wilson

train to kuopio

fantastic sister phipps

exchange review!

​We decided that we also wanted black face masks